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Breastfeeding Outside Your Home

The topic of breastfeeding in public has long been a subject of debate and confusion, particularly in the United States. Experts encourage women to breastfeed their on their babies’ feeding schedule while some members of the community disapprove when moms […] Read More


Pink Eye and Your Child: Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

My friend was recently concerned that her child might have pink eye and wondered if it was contagious. I informed my friend that pink eye is highly contagious and to call her child’s pediatrician. Her concern for her child is […] Read More

mom comforting son thumb

How Pain Affects Your Child and How You Can Help

By Judith Tighe, RN, CPN, lead RN, Medical/Surgical Unit (5 west) at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. It was a good thing I asked my husband to accompany me and our daughter to the dentist for the dreaded wisdom teeth extraction. […] Read More

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