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Pneumonia Prevention and How to Care for Your Child

During the winter, the flu isn’t the only illness we’re at risk for—pneumonia is a culprit too. In fact, we’ve seen the topic of pneumonia in the media lately because former First Lady Barbara Bush was hospitalized for the illness, […] Read More


Keep Breast Milk Safe: Tips for Handling, Storing and Thawing

More mothers are breast feeding their children, which is a wonderful thing. Breastfeeding your infant or child, when they are ready to eat, is ideal. Yet, sometimes that isn’t possible. Working moms and on-the-go moms often pump (express) their breast […] Read More


Breastfeeding Outside Your Home

The topic of breastfeeding in public has long been a subject of debate and confusion, particularly in the United States. Experts encourage women to breastfeed their on their babies’ feeding schedule while some members of the community disapprove when moms […] Read More

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