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Our nurses devote themselves to helping sick children get better.

RN Remedies® is an award winning program that leverages the child health expertise of nurses at our hospital and uses this blog as a way to share this knowledge outside our hospital’s walls. This program is an opportunity for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles nurse bloggers to answer tough questions asked by parents on clinical floors of our hospital, desperate emails to clinicians and mommy bloggers looking for places to send fellow mothers for expert advice.

This expertise makes them the perfect contributors to your weekly news feed—people you can trust, delivering health information in language you can understand.

Jen on Scrubs Mag
Jen Buchanan graces the
cover of Scrubs magazine,
summer 2013 issue.

In the words of Mary Dee Hacker, our chief nursing officer and vice president of Patient Care Services, “Our pediatric nurse bloggers are taking our profession’s core commitment to education and combining it with the Internet’s remarkable power to reach families everywhere.”

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“RN Remedies serves as an invaluable resource for ModernMom readers with questions or concerns about keeping their children healthy and happy. The content they provide is clear, informative and easy to understand – perfect for parents who find themselves overwhelmed with all the medical advice and suggestions from well-meaning friends and family members.”– Megan Sayers, Managing Editor of ModernMom.com “At The Honest Co., we love being able to connect experts in the field of children’s health with members of our Honest community. Through custom-curated blog posts written by the team behind RN Remedies, we are able to bring current and relevant content to parents and families across the country.”– Ashley King, Social Goodness Manager at The Honest Co. “We’re delighted at the opportunity to share RN Remedies with our readers. It’s so nice to have tips and advice from health care professionals who work with families every day.”– Christina Elston, Editor of LA Parent Magazine


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It’s up to you to tell us how we can meet the needs of parents in the community. Share your questions and topic ideas with us. Our nurses will turn their answers into a blog post.

Happy Holidays!
The nurse bloggers having fun at last year’s
holiday luncheon!