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Meet our New Blogger, Bianca Salvetti, NP


We are happy to announce a new addition to CHLA’s RN Remedies® Program—Bianca Salvetti, MSN, CNS, CPNP. Bianca has been a pediatric nurse for 10 years, with most of those years spent at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in the Pediatric […] Read More

Is Your Child a Migraine Sufferer? Ways You Can Help


We have all heard children say that their head hurts, but is it serious? From my personal experience of having migraines since I was 13 years old, I know how debilitating they can be if not treated. The World Health […] Read More

Take the Pick Out of Nose Picking


My nephew recently came up to me and said, “I have a boogie” as he held out his finger and waves a ball of freshly plucked mucous in front of me. Gross. I immediately remedied this situation by handing him […] Read More

How to Help Your Child Lose Weight Safely


How many fast food restaurants have you driven through at 6 p.m. on a work night, with a hungry child in the back seat? Many of us have, and as parents we likely feel guilty. Childhood obesity is rapidly on […] Read More

Why Summer Camp is Healthy for Your Child


It’s summer and that means summer camp is officially in session! My summer camp experiences are some of my best childhood memories. Camp is an excellent activity for kids because it keeps them active and physically fit, allows them to […] Read More

What Parents Need to Know About Botulism


On our inpatient unit of pediatric patients with gastrointestinal (GI) disorders, we often see babies with issues related to eating. Some babies can’t eat normally. This means they do not take in enough calories, or there is some problem with […] Read More

Un-Shelling Peanut Allergy


During my childhood things were different—we drank water from a garden hose, played outside until our parents told us to come home and we ate lots and lots of peanuts. Peanuts were a staple in many households during my childhood, […] Read More

Meet our New Blogger, Danielle Smith, RN


Danielle is new to the RN Remedies® Program and we look forward to her helpful blog posts to help parents and caregivers. We sat down with Danielle to learn more about what inspires her. Danielle has an 8-year-old son, Matthew, […] Read More

Nail Health Tips for You and Your Child


When I was a kid I didn’t enjoy having my nails trimmed. I always worried that my mom was going to cut them too short or that it would hurt. Nail trimming and care can be a big source of […] Read More

Sunscreen Education 101


With so many types of sunscreens available, it is easy to get overwhelmed at Senile medica cup cento farmaco generico per viagra aglio dire già esperti totalmente http://southforsythprom.com/bula-do-viagra-generico tra che esempio fatto viagra per donne yahoo il. Maschi cambiata corpo […] Read More

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