CHLA Leads Historic Medical Moment 3,000 Miles Away

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An 18-person medical team left Children’s Hospital Los Angeles two weeks ago to head to Haiti on a medical mission. The task at hand was a medical procedure six months in the making with world-renowned surgeons poised to separate twin […] Read More

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Donates to Haiti’s Kids

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Donates to Haiti’s Kids

In just a few days, Henri Ford, MD, MHA, surgeon-in-chief at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles will fly to his native country, Haiti, to help oversee the distribution of donated pediatric medical equipment, supplies and hospital furniture. The entire shipment is […] Read More

Healing Haiti: 6 Months Later


It’s no secret that our Chief of Surgery, Henri Ford, MD, has been very active as a volunteer during the rebuilding of Haiti after the earthquake in January 2010. Most recently, he shared with ABC7′s David Ono during one of his […] Read More

Our Nurses Return from Haiti


As part of our hospital’s ongoing effort to provide medical relief to victims of the earthquake in Haiti, 5 nurses from our hospital’s NICCU returned for a week-long stay from May 19th until June 5th. See More Pics of our […] Read More

Interview: Haiti Volunteers Prepare to Come Home

We’re eagerly awaiting the return of our 2nd team of volunteer doctors and nurses, who have been hard at work in Haiti since arriving March 19, 2010. Before returning to Los Angeles as a part of Team #1, Michael Jordan, […] Read More

Volunteer Team #2 Departs & Haiti Conditions Update

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Today, 11 additional volunteers from our hospital departed for Haiti.  Team 1 is returning this Sunday with the exception of Dr. Jim Stein and Michael Jordan, RN (who provided our last report) who will remain at the hospital for an […] Read More

Volunteer Team #1: Initial Report From Haiti


Michael Jordan, RN Update provided by Michael Jordan, RN, pictured right On March 12, 2010, a team of 10 nurses and doctors departed Los Angeles for Haiti to volunteer much-needed medical assistance.  Below is their first report after being deployed from […] Read More

Dr. Henri Ford Returns From Haiti

After spending two weeks providing medical assistance to victims of the Haiti earthquake, Dr. Henri Ford has returned to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Now back in Los Angeles, he is being consulted by media sources for his perspective on ongoing […] Read More

NPR Photo Slideshow: Dr. Henri Ford in Haiti

A recent NPR article about rebuilding efforts in post-earthquake Haiti featured this photo slideshow that includes gripping images of Childrens Hospital Chief of Surgery, Dr. Henri Ford. The photos play to audio from a Morning Edition radio piece profiling rescue and […] Read More

Man Found ALIVE!

Update from Dr. Henri Ford (Received January 26, 3:56 p.m.) “This is the most remarkable story I have seen these past 2 weeks!  This man was just rescued from the rubble ALIVE and brought to our field hospital.  He is […] Read More