Versant RN Residents Recognized, Give Back to CHLA


The largest group ever to graduate from the Versant RN Residency at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles has made a gift to match its size. Last month, 68 RN residents were recognized at The California Endowment Center during the 23rd RN Residency Recognition Ceremony. The November 2010 group also gifted two “Family Thera-tea” carts to the hospital, which will be used for complimentary tea service offered to patient’s families throughout the hospital – the largest cohort gift ever! Read More

Sports Head Injuries: A Basketball Bump


As a rehab nurse, I often take care of young athletes with sports injuries, including head injuries. In fact, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles treats many of these patients in the Department of Rehabilitative Medicine. Recently, a friend came to me for advice about her son. While playing basketball at school, her son received an elbow to the head… Read More

Cold & Flu Season: Keep Your Family Healthy


You may not always think of it, but stress and upset in your life or the life of your child can weaken their immune system and make it hard for your body to fight off infections It’s almost cold and […] Read More

BPA and Your Baby’s Bottle – The Basics


Expecting moms typically register for baby items based on what their friends (usually other moms) tell them “they MUST have.” Sharing space at the top of the list, along with the latest fun trends in newborn fashion, is often BPA-free […] Read More

A Call to Moms: Throw Away Your Infant Sleep Positioners


I have some “big news” to share with new moms.  The Food and Drug Administration and (FDA) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently issued a warning to parents and caregivers to stop using infant sleep positioning products (also known […] Read More

Our Nurses Return from Haiti


As part of our hospital’s ongoing effort to provide medical relief to victims of the earthquake in Haiti, 5 nurses from our hospital’s NICCU returned for a week-long stay from May 19th until June 5th. See More Pics of our […] Read More

ThinkCure! 2010 Weekend at Dodger Stadium


We’re so happy our patients, doctors and nurses were able to participate in the ThinkCure! Weekend. It’s clear from these pictures just how excited everyone was to be able to participate in this fantastic event held at Dodger Stadium. Be sure […] Read More

Emergency Department Receives Good Neighbor Award

Once a month, State Farm presents the “Good Neighbor Award” to an organization that has shown support and commitment to the community.  This month, members of our Emergency Department took to the field to receive the honor prior to the […] Read More

Interview: Haiti Volunteers Prepare to Come Home

We’re eagerly awaiting the return of our 2nd team of volunteer doctors and nurses, who have been hard at work in Haiti since arriving March 19, 2010. Before returning to Los Angeles as a part of Team #1, Michael Jordan, […] Read More

Volunteer Team #2 Departs & Haiti Conditions Update

Haiti Team 2 icon

Today, 11 additional volunteers from our hospital departed for Haiti.  Team 1 is returning this Sunday with the exception of Dr. Jim Stein and Michael Jordan, RN (who provided our last report) who will remain at the hospital for an […] Read More