Pizza No Longer Needed in Room 4112

Hazel watches her message go viral on television!

Thank you to the compassionate Reddit users who saw this photo and responded with a pizza delivery.

If you’re on Reddit and have seen the adorable photo below, please help Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and patient mom, Lauren Hammersley spread the word:  You’ve made a little girl very happy but NO MORE PIZZA IS NEEDED.

Pizza Room 4112

So many pizzas have been delivered that mom, Lauren, has taken the sign down.

We agree with Reddit users. It can be difficult to turn down the request of a sick child, especially when it’s a request for pizza.

So far twenty pizzas have been delivered to Hazel Hammersley’s room and we are still counting.


Thanks Reddit users! Hazel is pictured holding one of over 20 pizzas she received today.

Hazel’s family has been busy today. Not only have they been keeping her occupied while she spends time in the hospital recovering but they have been giving away slices of pizza as fast as they can.

The Hammersley family will be going to bed very full and very thankful for the compassion they received today. But they’ve asked, respectfully, for everyone’s help in spreading the word that no more pizzas are needed. Mom, Lauren, has taken down the sign from the hospital room window and is busy trying to share the news that the pizza has officially been delivered on Reddit.

On behalf of the Hammersley family, thank you for spreading the word and we hope the photo of Hazel with her pizza brightened your day. If you are interested in supporting children like Hazel, at our hospital, you can make a contribution through our general donation page.


  • hasben10

    That is so fucking sweet.

  • Michael Ireland

    REALLY? You couldn’t not post a cuss on a Children’s Hospital website? Common sense man.

    “That is so sweet” has the SAME EXACT effect.

  • Jimbro_NYM

    What Reddit did was so fucking awesome though.

  • Tom

    Amazing! Great to se her smile!

  • Melissa

    Go Reddit, go! This is amazing. <3

  • Jamie

    You should add a Reddit button to your social media sharing list at the bottom of your posts :)

  • b.tannay.

    Should also be common sense that children are very unlikely to be the ones browsing this website. So calm the fuck down.

  • Chris Melberger

    well that’s great.

  • Byzantine2

    Fools underestimated the great power of reddit, and now they will pay by being buried in free pizza!

  • Lenoat702


  • Fletcher


  • NyTxToast

    I truly adore Redditors – sure, they can be smarmy but they have the biggest hearts of all the interweb.

  • Greg Laabs

    Are you sure it wasn’t there before? Because it is now, but I don’t know if they added it after seeing your post!

  • Jamie

    It definitely wasn’t there before :)

  • Nikol Danysh

    Aww! I said a prayer to heal this sweet child! Her smile brought love to my heart and tears to my eyes!

  • 1stAmendmentMan

    Allow me to make a couple of points, courtesy of Monty Python…
    “Fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

    Point two, courtesy of 1stAmendmentMan…
    “Fuck bitches, eat pizza.”

    That is all.

  • Gersande

    Heard about this all the way up in Montréal. Sometimes the internet really is a magical place of endless pizza.

  • Children’s Hospital L.A.

    Hi Jamie. We just did. Thanks for the tip!

  • Robert Allen


  • Haloumi

    OOOhhh wow .. that is super cool. Hopefully all the kids and Parents in the ward got pizza too… As Barney once said “sharing is caring” lol….
    Cudo’s to all the people that sent Pizza

  • Thomas Kelly

    one word to describe this story: Beautiful

  • Children’s Hospital L.A.

    Hi Jaime. We considered your tip and added the Reddit button. Thanks!

  • Miranda Meehan

    Waiting for a pizza chain to step up and offer this girl free pizza for life!