Selena Gomez and Ryan Seacrest Surprise Progeria Patient

Every day, 13-year-old Hana Hwang listens to the Selena Gomez song, “Who Says,” on her iPod shuffle.

I’m no beauty queen. I’m just beautiful me.
You got every right to a beautiful life.

These words inspire Hana and help distract her from the painful physical ailments associated with progeria, a rare fatal genetic syndrome. Like the main character in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” individuals living with progeria exhibit premature aging symptoms.

Children affected by the disease age eight to 10 times faster than the average person and there is no cure at this time.

Her tutor, Sara Kim, nominated Hana and her family as recipients for the KISSMAS Giving campaign on L.A.’s 102.7 radio station in Los Angeles. Sara requested a care package and a Kindle for Hana, an avid reader.

However, when Ryan Seacrest learned that the 13-year-old Children’s Hospital Los Angeles patient is a devoted Selena Gomez fan, he immediately reached out to the young star. On Dec. 13, Gomez took a break from recording her album to fulfill Hana’s lifelong dream by visiting her bedside.

During Selena’s visit at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Hana said she was determined not to cry in the presence of her idol because she “didn’t want to look like a baby.” Now, despite the physical pain, Hana is writing a letter to Gomez to tell her all the things she wished she’d said during the pop star’s surprise visit.

The life expectancy for an individual with progeria is 13 years. In September, Hana celebrated her thirteenth birthday and doctors at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles are working hard to extend her life.  Despite her prognosis, she continues to read, listen to music and live a beautiful life—one moment at a time.


  • Brett

    Touching. Amazing. Speechless.

  • Fiona

    Wow… This kindness just blows me away :)
    I may not like her music, but I respect and like Selena Gomez SO MUCH as a person for this… (:

  • admin

    Thanks Brett and Fiona. Glad you enjoyed this inspiring blog post.

  • Ana

    That´s why I love selena <3

  • Rachel

    Aw, what an amazing story. So nice to know that there are still wonderful people out there!

  • Alissa

    I’ve watched this little girls video so many times and so many times it makes want to cry but I don’t. I think Hana is very brave and Pretty Nobody should discriminate people with Progeria or with anything and for her meeting Selena Gomez I thought that was wonderful casue honestly Selena Is my Idol two:) I’m 12 and I love this um… (Little?) girl and think she’s awesome and hope she has a long life to live:)

  • :)


  • Sarah

    Wow. This story almost made me cry. This girl deserves to live a long, happy life. Selena is a wonderful person for giving this girl the one thing she wanted. I am the same age as her and I wish I met her. I have heard that she died on February 5 of 2012 and I would like to know that this isn’t true. I beg for it not to be. Hana, you are an angel. <3

  • Janice

    Not trying to be emotional here, but this actually almost brought on the tears. =/

    Hana is a beautiful girl, and Selena, by visiting her, is helping that beautiful young lady.

  • Lexi Victoria

    Omg Hana is so adorible she’s so sweetie and a really great person (:

  • Ulysses

    I MUST believe Selena does this work as a natural part of who she is: she REALLY cares. She is genuinly touched by such cases or matters as this. Selly glows with inner beauty. She is not perfect, but she cares and she shines bc of it. This really touched me VERY Deep. Hana: believe in God bd he cares, and the handicap will be resurected. The Universe is so Law-abiding and there is NO WAY its all by chance. God lives. Please believe. Maybe we will see eachother in the New System under Christ. God bless you and ur family, Hana, and you and yours, Selly. U are all beautiful.

  • amy

    Such a beautiful gesture <3

  • Cathy Kean-White

    What a beautiful, beautiful little spirit! God Bless you Hanna!

  • Cathy Kean-White

    In addition, (forgot to mention)…
    What a class act Selena…!
    It is so wonderful that you took time out to visit this beautiful little young shinning star, Hanna…!
    You truly made such an impact on this little Hanna…
    Hanna is so beyond trilled (you can see the excitement in her big beautiful smile and hear it in her wonderful little giggles) as she talks about Selena’s visit… This is just so precious and loving…
    So refreshing and wonderful to watch this little angel…!

    Thank you to all those who made this possible for Hanna…
    her tutor, Sara Kim (who nominated
    Hana and her family as recipients for the KISSMAS Giving campaign on L.A.’s 102.7 radio station
    in Los Angeles) …
    Selena Gomez and Selena’s family,
    Ryan Seacrest … ( when Ryan (Seacrest) learned that the 13-year-old Children’s Hospital Los Angeles patient is a devoted Selena Gomez fan, he
    immediately reached out to the young star.)
    On Dec. 13, Gomez took a break from recording her album to fulfill Hana’s lifelong dream by visiting her bedside.

  • Simon Panoum

    Tears droped but its not the solution, mind gripped but it’s not any helpful. My heart goes out to the patient she must know that the pain she is Baring’ she is not alone nor forgotten, The strength and courage she have we make us all to be determined to find a cure for the future as we will need it. Please know Hana Kwang that You are not Alone and thank you so much for telling us your story, you have just given hope to a lot of people living with progeria and in the future our fight with progeria will be resolved and it’s because of you the courage and loving person you are. Thank you so much and God Bless… If I can I would love to visit you at the Hospital and that would be the best wish ever come alive to me so I can express it not in tears but through Hope and Determination. One love!!!

  • pretty-cute-nat

    Hanna is God’s little angel <3 :)

  • Haley

    Is there any way i can get in touch with this girl she has changed my life completely! So very touched by her sweet sweet voice. It blows me away people in today’s society complains about life and Hana is putting her head up about everything. I would love to chat with her if i could. this is too too amazing.

  • http://michael Michael

    Hana. I love you Sooo soo much and I won’t to met you and I love you so much every day I pray for you. I have a big heart and I am just 13. Like your age. love you bye ;^)

  • kae adams

    God bless you! You are an angel here on this earth! Your story and your bravery makes us all want to be better people! Thank you!

  • Sara ward

    I feel great to not that Selena and ryan did something nice for hana

  • jessie

    i litterally crying right now. so touching. my prayers go out to hanna and her family <3

  • Linnea

    I think she is a beautiful person. Inside and out. No one can change anything about her.

  • Michael

    This is why I love Selena♥ It’s so amazing that they did this for her.

  • Danny

    I hope this little angel feel better, and live longer :)
    GJ Selena :D

  • Annie

    This is so touching. The fact that there are people like that, who are that nice give me hope.
    It’s so sad also, what she has to go through.
    She is probably the bravest 13 year old in the world. My thoughts and prayers go to her.

  • cassandra gorman

    I don’t know what to say really but I’m so proud of you hana I’m sad because your sick but so happy that tour smiling and you so pretty I’m so happy that you got to see MS gomez am so sorry that you are sick and I’m wishing and praying that you get better godthen you will ever no hana you have gave me more then you can ever know yours truly cassandra gorman

  • McKenzie M.

    I have a question for you….. Has Hana died?? I have heard that and that would be horrible I just want to know…

  • Emma and Wynter

    We wish we could meet Hana. We want to be able to help her. We wish that we could help to find a cure. We are 9 and 11, and hearing her story made us very sad because we don’t want her to be sick. We hope you feel better soon.

  • Kelly

    I want to BAWL my eyes out.

  • admin

    Hello McKenzie, we posted an update on our YouTube channel indicating that she wanted us to share that she was at our hospital for a check-up just a few days ago, wishes everyone well and will have another update coming soon. Hana is doing great and appreciating all the wonderful well wishes.

  • Ang

    Selena is a great person! <3

  • Madison Deeter

    Hana is a beautiful little girl, i wish she could live her life but she is going to be in a better place! & selena that was sooo cweet of you to go see her, i bet she loved it!
    we all love you hana <3

  • anonymous


  • Krystin

    I am just hearing of Hana’s story tonight. I learned of it over facebook. I just wanted to let Hana know that I am 27 years old and when I was in High School I went to school with a girl with the same illness. Her name was Ruthie. At the time of her graduation she was 21 years old. I’m not sure what ever became of her after that but I want this to give Hana hope that there are many years to come for her. God Bless you and Your Family.

    Krystin Potter

  • Alexandria

    O my gosh she is so cute an unbelievable story
    I would raise all the money in the world for her
    I would also pay a million bucks for one of her bracelets
    From a friend

  • hillary

    selena you were so grateful by doing that LOVE U and hana
    u inspired me so much thank you hope you get better

  • zee

    I love Hana’s story and I hope she lives a long and beautiful life. I was SOOOOOO upset at the rumours but I know that she’s alive. I will be raising funds for charities that help Progeria in my school soon.

  • Ashley Price

    Selena you are very grateful and an guadian angel to this little girl. Hana, i am praying for you every second of the day. I will always keep god in your prays:) I hope u feel better :)

  • Emily

    OMG Selena you are the most AWESOME person in the whole WOLD!!!!!!! <3

  • Gracie Farrar

    Oh my gosh! That is the most touching story I have ever heard!!!!! Hana is soooo beautiful!!! I am going to pray for her everyday!! I hope she gets to graduate high school and become a buisness woman like she dreams to be!!!! It was so sweet for Selena to meet her! If I was Selena, I’d do the SAME THING!!!! Hana, don’t let anything that anyone says about you that’s rude stop you from living your dream!!! Do what Selena says, and “Live like there’s no tomorrow!!!” Get better!!<3 :)

  • crysta

    omg…selena is the nicest celeb i will ever no i think lol…i wood luv to meet u Hana and i luv the wa u spell u name its sooo cool i wood have never though of spellin it like tht i luv it…and i reall hope u tlk bak…and get better
    luv ur friend,

  • crysta

    oh and one more thing…
    dont let other people get in ur
    way of ur dreams and u can do what u want
    if u put ur mind too it and ur a beautiful girl…
    ur put ur mind to ne thing and go for it!!!! BE STRONG HANA!!!!!!:)

  • ashlee

    I watched this girls video three times and listened to this twice and I cant help crying. This girl is so inspiring and that is amazing. Selena Gomez is an amazing person for taking time to come see Hanna. Let this story be an inspsiration for everyone.

  • Sofia

    Hana,you have pulled through soo much you inspired me soo much to never give up!!

  • kayla smith

    dear hana,i think you are a very brave girl,i could never be that brave.and i just want you to know,never give up on your dreams!!like justin bieber says,never say never!!and like selena gomez says,who says your not perfect!!!!

  • http://Youtube Elle

    The poor child :’( i wish she lived till at least an adult i admire her i hope she go’s to heaven and not hell whitch i knows shes not in hell :’)

  • loreto selenas 2nd biggest fan :)

    hi i just found out hanna´s heart is not working really well i just hope the best for her and i would love if you find the cure hanna is so bright i just love her its so cute she would ent care if she came back as a penguin :) Hanna i wish the best to you i know we all do :D even selena does :) you inspire me :)

  • ashley

    How sweet I love Selena and her courage to help others