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Addison Jura

By her mother, Kristina

I gave birth to my first daughter this April and she was diagnosed with Bilateral Hip Dysplasia. This is now the 3rd generation of my family to be born with this condition.

Being very familiar with this condition I have to say that the technology has improved amazingly. My mother was diagnosed at the age of 3 years, about 60 years ago, and has had two hip replacements. I was diagnosed at birth and required surgery at six months of age. Almost 30 years later I have not had any problems. When I found out my daughter was born with the same condition we knew we had to see a specialist. 

How we came to find Dr. Skaggs
Knowing our family history with this condition, we have always kept our eyes and ears open to any information that would come our way. My mother had been watching television years ago and came across a segment on Brook Shields’ first daughter that was diagnosed with Hip Dysplacia.

She had taken her to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and was treated by Dr. Skaggs. My mother quickly wrote his name down and filed it away. After the birth of my daughter, I had a friend do some research at Children’s Hospital for a doctor that specialized in Hip Dysplasia. At this same time my mom was digging through files trying to find where she had written down the doctors name. They both came back with Dr. Skaggs.

I called on a Monday morning and Dr. Skaggs was able to see my daughter that Thursday (she was one week old).  Dr. Skaggs diagnosed her quickly on having Bilateral Hip Dysplacia. He educated me on all the possibilities and the severity of her case. My daughter had a severe case of it.

He explained in detail how he was going to try to manipulate her hips with the Pavlic brace first to see if there was any improvement. He had also told my husband and I that he didn’t think it was going to do anything but wanted to try every possibility before recommending surgery. Her hips were so tight that trying to manipulate them into place was impossible. That caused the Pavlic brace to be unsuccessful. Surgery was the only alternative.

In June my daughter went into surgery (she was 9 weeks old). This was the hardest thing as parents that we have ever had to do. Knowing your child is going into surgery is hard for any parent. You want to make sure that your child is in the best care possible before making a decision like this.


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The morning of surgery was like clockwork. The hospital is very organized and Dr. Skaggs came to see us before surgery. He talked to us and answered all our questions. It was the longest day of our lives. Her surgery lasted 3 ½ to 4 hours. During surgery she was placed in the Spica cast for positioning of the hips. Dr. Skaggs came down to tell us himself how her surgery went. It went perfectly. As parents you felt like you could breathe again. 

We saw Dr, Skaggs regularly for check ups, x-rays and to make sure that she wasn’t outgrowing her cast. On her sixth week after surgery, the cast was removed. This was a day full of anxiety and excitement.  Her scars are small and you can barely see them. They are located in the bikini line of her hips. This again is amazing on the technology. (My mother’s scars are huge and go down the outside of her legs. Mine go down the inside of my legs). Nobody will ever be able to see her scars.

My daughter is now 6 months old and right on schedule with her development. Her flexibility is almost 100%. 

Knowing this is a family history, and any future children I have could have this condition, I’m comforted in knowing Dr. Skaggs is there. He was professional with us as parents as well as with my child. 

My experience with Children’s Hospital, Dr. Skaggs, as well as with his complete staff, was one that was nothing but positive. 
I would recommend Dr. Skaggs to anyone that needs to see an orthopedic doctor.

Trust your child in the hands of a specialist.

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